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Let Your (Kids’) Talent and Gifts Shine

When God blesses us uniquely and then issues a lovely invitation to use that gift, but we toss it aside or procrastinate, He must be terribly disappointed.

Eeny Meeny- Choosing a Bible for Your Kid

Children’s brains are little sponges, waiting to absorb the truths about God’s great love for them. These stories teach our children that the Creator of the universe made them and loves them and is intimately involved in every detail of their lives. The stories reveal God’s faithfulness, his greatness, his goodness, and his grace.

Unseen Powers and Prayer

“My plea to you is this: We mustn’t brush this reality aside, thinking that what we don’t know won’t hurt us. What we don’t know absolutely will hurt us, and hurt us in powerful ways.” No wonder Mark Batterson endorses Jack Graham’s book!

Getting Unstuck – Jamie George

Unfortunately, in my willingness to sacrifice for others I am not being a steward of myself. And if truly honest, not really sacrificing. I am doing the EASIER and LAZY thing. Serving myself takes a great deal of effort.

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