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Healing a Moms Shattered Heart

The Lord would send people to comfort me, but I didn’t really want the comfort. I wanted to make sense of this tragedy. The intensity of the pain was consuming my heart. On top of all of this, I was dealing with the struggle of the physical pain from a fall that I had experienced. I found out later from my doctor that I fell because a chemical imbalance related to this trauma had weakened my legs.

Healing Power of Animals

I’m not a tattoo kind of girl, but if I were, this is the phrase I need written across the palm of my hand. Maybe that way I’d see it all the time and remember that no amount of thinking can change anything, because it’s my over-thinking that tends to get between me and God.

Sonflowerz are “Made to Shine”

Sometimes we all need a sister to help us see our own beauty and potential through the eyes of Christ. Becca and Elissa (The Sonflowerz) are helping young women with this journey through their music, writing and in conferences.

Myths about Dietary Supplements

Join Diane Markins and Dr. Cathy Rosenbaum, holistic clinical pharmacist, Founder & CEO of Rx Integrative Solutions, on August 9th at 11:05 AM. Hear a unique, refreshing, and thought provoking discussion on debunking myths about herbs, vitamins, and other dietary supplements from the perspective of a pharmacist.

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