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Getting Unstuck – Jamie George

Unfortunately, in my willingness to sacrifice for others I am not being a steward of myself. And if truly honest, not really sacrificing. I am doing the EASIER and LAZY thing. Serving myself takes a great deal of effort.

Put Love into Action

Pastor and mega-author Francis Chan wrote the forward to Love, Skip, Jump by Shelene Bryan. He said, “Don’t be another person who wastes his/her life by trying to save it. Join my friend Shelene in doing something.”

The New AWANA Transforms Kids and Families

Like a lot of Christ following parents, I had heard of the Awana ministry before, but in 2011, the way I viewed Awana totally changed. I was shocked by what I found out, and it totally changed our lives.

Tea Offers Lessons for Faith – Jennifer Miller

[It may sound crazy but there are many parallels between choosing/ brewing a good cup of tea and your faith.] …if you offer up the biggest parts of yourself, then it is going to turn out the best. It is just more expensive. It will cost you more to have a faith like that.

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