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Ridiculously Big Plans

The truly wonderful thing about all this is that God wants us to make BIG plans. When He gives you the green light, He wants you to pray, plan and work toward things that appear utterly out of reach.

3 Reasons To Disconnect to Reconnect

Technology has transformed the way we communicate. Email, texting and social media sites have taken the place of phone calls, handwritten letters and in-person conversations. An unintentional side effect of being so connected is that parents—and children—have become worn out.

“Spotting” a Leopard; In Pursuit of Your Dreams

He meandered through the jungle, coming in and out of sight as we kept pace. There didn’t seem to be fear in him as much as a wise wariness as he continued on his course, never flinching or running. Wordless and breathless, we watched him until the light faded.

Who are You? What are You Doing about it?

Who are you? The Who posed this question in their song...

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