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Stretch, Drink and Eat for Health

Yoga is a holistic approach not only to complete fitness but also a means to get you to a deep place of meditation where you can focus the mind on spending time with Christ. The postures, breath work, and direction of the mind allow students to reap the benefits of a full body workout as they quiet the mind and listen to what Christ has to say.

Using the Power of Your Voice

People of all political persuasions seem to disagree on things that were previously fundamental to everyone’s core beliefs. Adrian Moldovan points out that we spend money on ridiculous things (billions on pets and research of plants that may become endangered).
He believes that through a relationship with Jesus, knowing and speaking His truth… we can turn things around.


Embedded in our souls is a quiet wish, a secret hope we carry with us always. We want to feel wanted. Yet we struggle to fit in and to be included. It’s more common to experience rejection than acceptance. We’re more familiar with the bitter sting of being left out than with the delight of being sought out. All of us know what it’s like to be overlooked and unwanted.

Sharon Brown

I’m sometimes asked how much of my own life is woven into my novel, Sensible Shoes. Each of my characters received parts of me: my perfectionism, fear of rejection, addiction to busyness and productivity. My character Mara received my childhood pain of always being picked last for teams.

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