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Unloading “Love” Baggage and Toxic Behavior

Experts say that we gravitate towards friends and relationships within a ten-point spread of our IQ. We are more naturally comfortable around those with whom we can intellectually relate. Likewise, in the realm of soul-health, we also attract those with whom we are most emotionally compatible. Putting it another way, baggage attracts baggage.

Happiness App

I’m tired of being “deformed” by adult society. I want to enjoy each moment without being distracted by what’s coming next and three steps after that, or fearing what people might think of me.

Healing a Moms Shattered Heart

The Lord would send people to comfort me, but I didn’t really want the comfort. I wanted to make sense of this tragedy. The intensity of the pain was consuming my heart. On top of all of this, I was dealing with the struggle of the physical pain from a fall that I had experienced. I found out later from my doctor that I fell because a chemical imbalance related to this trauma had weakened my legs.

Healing Power of Animals

I’m not a tattoo kind of girl, but if I were, this is the phrase I need written across the palm of my hand. Maybe that way I’d see it all the time and remember that no amount of thinking can change anything, because it’s my over-thinking that tends to get between me and God.

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