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The New AWANA Transforms Kids and Families

Like a lot of Christ following parents, I had heard of the Awana ministry before, but in 2011, the way I viewed Awana totally changed. I was shocked by what I found out, and it totally changed our lives.

Tea Offers Lessons for Faith – Jennifer Miller

[It may sound crazy but there are many parallels between choosing/ brewing a good cup of tea and your faith.] …if you offer up the biggest parts of yourself, then it is going to turn out the best. It is just more expensive. It will cost you more to have a faith like that.

Writing Powerful Sermons and Speeches

The pastor left his sermon manuscript in the pulpit. When the janitor found it, he couldn’t resist the urge to read it. He was impressed, until he stumbled over a note in the margin: “Argument weak here. Start yelling!”

Boundaries for Teen Girls

I always learn so much more from other people’s mistakes than from their success. Allison Bottke knows this is true so she shares candidly about the countless mistakes she made as a teenaged girl.

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