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God’s NOT Dead

Academia is filled with “enlightened” instructors who dismiss Christianity as a myth, a crutch or simply ignorant thinking. That’s the theme of a movie called God’s not Dead, starring Kevin Sorbo (AKA Hercules) as the atheist professor and Superman- Dean Cain has a smaller role. … ( I have a couple DVDs to put in your hot little hands, so share and comment…

Jesus Loves Strippers

When we go to the strip clubs and porn conventions, we want the girls to feel accepted and loved. We let them know God loves them 100% right where they’re at. Just last Saturday, a woman shredded her dancing license. We had another women walk out of prostitution. His Light will expose any darkness, and His Love covers all sin.

Why Pray if God Doesn’t Listen? Nothing Gets past Him!

Hannah wanted a baby so badly she offered to give him back to God if He would just give her a son. She didn’t get that son immediately, but “Scripture says “in due time” God gave her a son who would be one of Israel’s greatest prophets and priests and who would help turn the nation’s heart back toward God.

Worry is a Killer

Stress will (not might) impact your physical health. From weight (loss/gain), interest in sex and sleep patterns to serious illness, stress can kill you. Relationships, job performance and joy are often impacted as well. Even your relationship with God can take a big hit.

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