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Unseen Powers and Prayer

“My plea to you is this: We mustn’t brush this reality aside, thinking that what we don’t know won’t hurt us. What we don’t know absolutely will hurt us, and hurt us in powerful ways.” No wonder Mark Batterson endorses Jack Graham’s book!

Getting Unstuck – Jamie George

Unfortunately, in my willingness to sacrifice for others I am not being a steward of myself. And if truly honest, not really sacrificing. I am doing the EASIER and LAZY thing. Serving myself takes a great deal of effort.

Put Love into Action

Pastor and mega-author Francis Chan wrote the forward to Love, Skip, Jump by Shelene Bryan. He said, “Don’t be another person who wastes his/her life by trying to save it. Join my friend Shelene in doing something.”

The New AWANA Transforms Kids and Families

Like a lot of Christ following parents, I had heard of the Awana ministry before, but in 2011, the way I viewed Awana totally changed. I was shocked by what I found out, and it totally changed our lives.

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